Common Causes Of Water Damage In Independence KS

While water damage is the most common threat to Independence, KS homes year-round, the potential sources for water damage during the winter months are different than in the spring, summer, and fall. Here are just a few common causes of water damage here in Independence that you need to be aware of this winter.

Water Damage in Independence KS

  1. First, and foremost, is the risk of water damage from frozen pipes. Since temperatures in Independence often drop below freezing during the winter, the water in your pipes is at risk of freezing. Frozen pipes put excess pressure on the pipes because of expansion. If pressure gets to be too much, the pipes can burst. Once the water thaws, it will leak out into your home from the burst, resulting in water damage. Pipes that are poorly insulated are most at risk of freezing, like those located along exterior walls, in basements or attics, or housed in cabinets where heat does not get into. Consider adding insulation to pipes that are exposed to colder temperature to help prevent pipes from freezing.
  2. Water heater tank leaks are another common occurrence during winter months. Cold water becomes colder as the temperature drops, which means your water heater has to work harder to get the water temperature up and maintain it. If too much sediment has built up inside your water heater tank, these particles can absorb the heat and cause the pressure inside the tank to spike. Water heater tanks house gallons of water, so if the tank bursts or springs a leak, water will flow out into your home. Be sure to schedule routine maintenance on your water heater, especially if it is an older unity, to help prevent leaks from occurring. 
  3. Excess water from melting snow can cause major water damage on your roof and around the foundation of your home. When snow builds up on your roof, freezes, and then thaws, ice dams can occur. Ice dams block your gutters, so as the top layer of snow melts, it is not able to be funneled through the gutters and directed away from your home because of the ice build-up. That means that all that excess water will either sit on your roof, leaving a huge risk of leaking, or run down the sides of our home where it can pool next to the foundation and potentially seep into your basement or crawl space. You can use a roof rake to help remove snow build up from your roof so ice dams do not get the chance to form, and be sure to slope the soil around your home’s foundation away from your home to help prevent water from building up there. 

While these are just a few common causes of winter water damage, there are still many other sources that could leave your home in need of water damage restoration. Don’t worry though, All Clear Services is here to help when you have water damage in your home. No matter the source, cause, or scope of the damage, we can get the problem cleaned up and restored as soon as possible.