How Do I Handle Bathroom Water Damage?

Bathroom Water Damage in Independence, KS

Steamy showers, luxurious bubble baths, potty training toddlers, bathrooms might be one of the most essential rooms in your Independence, KS home. With so many plumbing connections and fixtures, they are also vulnerable to water damage. And it’s expensive to repair. Water damage restoration for bathrooms can cost thousands of dollars, depending on the source and the extent. Of course, every situation is different, and a reputable restoration contractor will inspect the extent of damages before giving you a written quote.

If the water damage in your bathroom is substantial, a simple cleanup would not be sufficient; you’ll require water restoration work. Like All Clear Services, property damage restoration companies will inspect, dryout, and repair or replace any damaged building materials. 

Typically, cabinets, flooring, and sheetrock need replacement after severe flooding, and these porous surfaces tend to soak up water like a sponge. This would be the time to update your vanity, sinks, faucets, storage, wall paint, tile, etc. Of course, you will want to work with your restoration contractor and insurance company to determine what is covered and at what cost.

bathroom water damage independence ks

Watch Out For Mold

In addition to the damage from a flood, bathrooms are at risk from mold caused by condensation and hidden moisture pockets. A closed bathroom environment traps humidity that accumulates on walls and countertops. 

In as short as a few days, even a small amount of water could trigger mold growth. Hidden bathroom water damage could cause a musty odor, visible mildew, or warped wood. Mold lingering after water damage can cause a variety of health issues, including throat, nose, eye, and skin irritation.   

When your bathroom needs some restoration work, take the opportunity to improve the ventilation to prevent future mold infestations. Upgrade the exhaust fans or add a small window if you have ever had a mildew problem. Protect the new bathroom from future water damage. 

For Water Damage Restoration in Independence 

The All Clear Services certified water damage restoration team can handle your water damage bathroom project and make your home better than ever. Reliable expert craftsmen can transform your mess back into your pride and joy. They will keep you in the loop, so there are no surprises during the restoration process while being as unobtrusive as possible.  

Formerly Steam Way Restorations, All Clear has served Southeastern Kansas for over 30 years. For emergency services and routine carpet and duct cleaning, call our water damage cleanup team