Trauma Scene Cleanup

Cleanup focused on compassion and care.

No one ever plans for a disaster such as a trauma cleanup in their home or business. In the midst of a crisis, we understand if you’re feeling a sense of shock, anger, uncertainty and grief. At All Clear, we’re dedicated to helping you along the path to healing and recovery. We’ll take care of the trauma cleanup so you can focus on other important matters in your life. If you’re ever in this situation, allow us to serve you compassionately, professionally and privately.

Trained & Certified

We know how to safely and discreetly clean up after a traumatic incident.

Local, Compassionate Services

We make sure to address all your needs throughout the cleaning process

Available 24/7

We’re ready to dispatch our team of experts for any unplanned trauma emergency.

See the Difference Yourself and Call All Clear Today

With more than 30 years in the industry in the cleaning and restoration industry, All Clear has experience working in a wide array of trauma cleanup situations. If your property is in need of trauma cleanup services, our compassionate team will quickly come to your aid and restore your property back to normal.

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Dangers Of Trauma Cleanup

Trauma and biohazard cleanup must be done according to strict health and safety procedures. Some of the risks include:

  • Exposure to bloodborne pathogens
  • Exposure to splashes of biofluid through the mouth, nose, or eyes
  • Our experts are specifically trained in identifying biohazardous materials and the proper cleaning methods to use.

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