Water Damage Restoration For Carpets

water damage restoration parsons ksWater damage can happen in any room in your home, from a number of different causes. Since many of the bedrooms and living rooms in our Parsons homes have carpet flooring, we are going to go over what you should do when your carpets sustain water damage. 

Water Damage Restoration In Parsons KS

Remove the water: 

Water damage compounds every second the water is present, so the first thing you need to do is remove the water from your carpets. A wet/dry vacuum is the most effective tool for removing water from carpets, and is critical to pull out as much moisture from the carpet fibers as possible.

Dry it out: 

Moisture left behind can lead to serious problems like rot and mold growth. Carpets that have not been thoroughly dried after sustaining water damage will have a musty odor, and harbor hundreds of thousands of microbial growths and bacteria, which can contribute to poor air quality throughout the entire home. In order to completely dry out carpet, you need to create air flow. Fresh air circulating through the room will help carpets dry out quicker and more effectively. To achieve this, you need to use fans, preferably commercial-grade air movers, and allow them to run continuously until no more moisture is detected in the damaged area. To ensure even better results, and to prevent mold growth even more, you should also use a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the air – which will speed up dry time for the carpets too.

Remove belongings on carpet that were exposed to water: 

Furniture, rugs, blankets, and other belongings that also sustained water damage need to be removed from the damaged area and off of the carpets. Even if you do not think there was water damage under the couch or behind a dresser, it is better safe than sorry. Water can spread easily, and these items can hide damage that, if not addressed, will only worsen and spread over time. Removing everything from off of your carpets will make drying up the water go much quicker, and provide better results. This also makes it easier to clean these belongings and reverse any damage the water may have caused them.

Clean carpets: 

Water damage can leave carpets contaminated by mud, chemicals, and other harmful contaminants depending on the source of the water, and sometimes it may not be salvageable. In extreme cases like this, be sure to consult a water damage restoration professional. 

This step-by-step guide will help you be prepared to handle wet carpets from water damage in your home, but if you want to ensure even better results and the best odds of adequately drying your carpets and any other area of your home that has sustained water damage, call the water damage restoration experts at All Clear Services. We have the tools, training, and experience to respond quickly to water damage in your home, and get it restored as fast as possible