Unpredictable Kansas Weather And Water Damage Restoration Issues

water damage restoration parson ks, water damage parson ks, water damage repair parson ksThe climate in Kansas is rarely lauded as pleasant. We suffer from extreme weather conditions in both summer and winter. Heavy rains, violent wind storms, and blinding blizzards are all common throughout the state. 

Kansas can suffer moderate to severe water damage during a storm. Tropical storms pose a risk to buildings, especially when they topple trees into homes or ravage older roofs. Rain, hail, thunderstorms and tornadoes are unpredictable– but having a trusted water damage restoration team will help you recover from any weather related damage. 

Storm and Flood Damage Need A Quick Response

Immediate action is needed, and you need the company with storm damage experience. If your home has suffered water damage, either due to storm surge flooding, wind-driven rain or even a plumbing leak, you’ll need to do a thorough drying job. It may even be necessary to tear up flooring, baseboards and some drywall.

If a floor is carpeted, for example, you might need to tear out everything down to the concrete: carpet, subfloor, underlayment and potentially even joists. 

Next, you’ll likely need dehumidifiers and fans to thoroughly dry the area. Moisture meters can be used to help determine what can be dried and restored and what needs to go. At every step of the way, All Clear Services will communicate with you to keep you informed. The goal is to save the most materials at the lowest cost with the least disruption.

Porous Versus Non-Porous

One factor influencing whether or not materials damaged by water can be restored is how porous the material is. Stainless steel, rigid plastics, glass, metal fixtures like door hardware and ceramic tiles are nonporous and could possibly be disinfected and restored. Porous materials, like carpeting, drywall, wood, furniture, paper products, etc. tend to be porous and will likely need to be torn out and replaced.

Non Weather Related Damage

Violent tropical storms are not the only cause of floor dampness. If windows, patio doors or balcony doors are improperly installed or the weather sealing has failed, there’s a risk for damp floors and potentially some costly damage after even the tamest rains.

But more likely, water damage is a result of leaky pipes or damaged plumbing. Both burst pipes and slow leaks are dangerous. When you see signs of water damage, call All Clear Services to come investigate and then make repairs.

Your Trusted Water Damage Cleaning and Restoration Company In Parson

Since 1983, All Clear Services has served as the region’s premier carpet cleaning. We provide top of the line service for carpet, flooring, and upholstery cleaning, and more. We now offer air duct cleaning, water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, and mold remediation.

We handle projects from start to finish, which helps alleviate the stress of looking for a different contractor for each phase of the restoration project. We continue to maintain IICRC certifications and hold ourselves to the highest industry standard for each and every service we provide.

Our certified water damage restoration company ensures that every inspection is complete and thorough, and will create a quick and lasting solution to the problem.  

If repairs are needed during your water damage clean up, we have craftsmen who can handle jobs at competitive pricing.