Where To Start With Fire Restoration

If your beloved home falls victim to a fire, the consequences can be devastating. When a fire occurs, the home in which you built so many memories is no longer your safe haven. What steps do you need to take to restore your home as quickly as possible?


If your home has caught on fire, do not enter your property until a professional declares it safe. Even if it appears to be okay to enter, there could be structural damage that puts you at risk for injury. Sometimes, fires can reignite in homes after they appear to be extinguished. Now is not the time to question authorities. If your home is not safe to enter, wait to avoid seriously hurting yourself.


After you’ve called your loved ones to let them know you are safe, you’ll need to immediately call your insurance company to begin the restoration process. Your insurance company may arrange temporary housing and they’ll inform you of the next steps you will need to take.

You’ll also want to contact a fire restoration company so they can examine your property and determine the extent of your damage. You’ll need to report their findings to your insurance company to keep them in the loop and begin the restoration process as soon as possible.  


Contact your local fire department to obtain a copy of the fire report to keep for your records. Some fire departments are not allowed to give you the report themselves, but they’ll be able to inform you who to need to contact for this documentation. This report includes the time and date of the fire, who was involved, the condition of your home and more.


You need to secure your property to ensure the safety of your belongings. You also want to prevent looters from ransacking your property so you don’t lose any important documents of heirlooms. Your insurance company has certain requirements for securing your home, so check with them.

Your insurance company may require you to board up your windows. If the fire department shut off your utilities after the fire, don’t turn them back on until it is safe to do so.


Did you lose any important documents in the fire such as your birth certificate, passport, marriage license or social security card? If your home is safe to enter, retrieve your documents immediately. If you lost them, make sure to replace these items as soon as possible.


If you lost any credit cards in the fire, make sure to cancel them immediately. The last thing you want is for looters to get a hold of them. The stress of a fire is bad enough, so prevent your credit cards from falling into the wrong hands.


Chances are, your home doesn’t just have fire and smoke damage, but it also has water damage from putting the fire out. Fire damage usually includes smoke damage, soot and in some cases, fire extinguisher damage. Your rugs, carpet and upholstery will need to be professionally cleaned and you’ll need to ventilate your home to help remove the strong smell of smoke.

Mold could be growing in your home from water damage, so the sooner you remove it, the better. Consult with your home restoration company to see what they recommend.

At All Clear in Independence and Parson, we understand the physical and emotional impact of a home fire. Our fire restoration company works hard to ensure that you get back into your home and move on from this traumatic event as soon as possible. Contact our emergency restoration company to get started.